1.Where do you get your style inspiration from ?


I love people watching, I always have. So while I obviously love looking at the catwalks and trends, I am definitely more interested in how different people interpret them. That’s why platforms like instagram are so wonderful because you can explore so many people’s styles as they document their daily looks – it doesn’t have to be a celebrity or a model, it can be someone down the road from you who has a really cool and unique sense of style. 


2.Your go to feel good piece in your wardrobe?

Ooh that’s a hard question. I have a beautiful cardigan from Hayley Menzies that is a short length and a beautiful rodeo style in camel, white and blue. I always feel somewhat pulled together when I have that on, it gives me style credentials even if I’m just in jeans and a t-shirt. 






3.What inspired you to get into styling ?

I always loved fashion. I imagined I would be a designer and studied fashion design initially, but it was clear during that time how much I loved the finished product being a photo of the garment I made, rather than just the garment itself. That inspired me to do a post-grad in Fashion Media in London College of Fashion and from there it really took off. I worked in a London Boutique styling celebrities and that’s how it all kicked off, that was 15 years ago now. However, I still have such an appreciation for the art that goes into creating clothing and never say never, maybe one day I will still have my own brand. 

4.Piece of advice for budding young stylists…

Find your niche. Every stylist and photographer has a style stamp, a ‘look’ , something that clients will book them for. Find yours by constantly doing test shoots and discovering what your vibe is. It’s good to be able to change and evolve but it’s also important to know who you are as a stylist and what makes you stand out from others.  



5. Favourite item on divine.ie

https://www.divine.ie/product/baby-cord-mini-dress/ – Adore this dress, the billowing sleeves, the attention to detail and a colour that would easily work across all seasons. It has a little bit of a seventies vibe which I love and I can imagine teaming it with a pair of suede tan boots right now. 

Jenny Leather Belt Cow Print – Divine – also this belt is so cute .

6. When did you come across Divine…

Oh I started using Divine in shoots and on TV3 at the very beginning of my career in Ireland, I worked on some projects with Mary and always considered Divine to be one of my style meccas and go-to for unique brands. 


Thank you Courtney for taking the time to do this x