Chatting with Tv presenter  Karen Koster..

Where do you get your style inspiration from ? 

I love looking at instagram for ideas, and particularly love the paired back style of Anine Bing and Amy Jackson (fashion_jackson) but its rarely what I buy as I’m always drawn to colour when I’m shopping. More often than not, I get my inspiration from the school gates when I’m admiring another mums runners or parka or leggings….that’s generally the uniform when I’m out and about.


What inspired you to get into tv work/presenting? 

It just always seemed like the most exciting industry to work in. I was in college when I spotted an ad looking for wannabee TV presenters on a notice board, and I was way more excited to go for that audition than I was to go to my next lecture! So I finished out the degree and tried to get as much TV experience behind the camera as I could so that when I left college I could start harassing producers for runner jobs!

Piece of advice for budding young presenters..

Always try and imagine you’re talking to a friend, your mum or someone you feel comfortable with instead of looking down the lens. Although this generation is so comfortable talking to their phones and videoing themselves, I don’t think they find TV cameras as daunting as I once did! 

Your go to feel good piece in your wardrobe? 

My Zadig & Voltaire military jacket. 

What is your favourite Piece on  

The Charlot Cream Printed Mini Dress…love its boho feel.

When did you first come across Divine?

Far too long ago to say as it’ll show our age! Mary and her team have been an amazing support to me for many years while I’ve worked on TV and I love wearing her choices on screen!

Check out some of Karen’s recent on screen style, all divine.