1.Where do you get your style inspiration from ?

You! (Laughs) Honestly Mary you know I adore your style – I think we both have the same style tbh but because we have different body shapes, we cant always wear everything the same.  I am obsessed with your Thursday Try-Ons on your Insta. 

I also get inspired by women like @hannahjsaunders @clemetinemacniece @olivapalermo @sosume @muireann.o@aoibhingarrihy @doireanngarrihy @louisecooney and so many more fabulous women….

Pinterest is great for ideas

And publications like Social & Personal magazine, The Gloss Mag, Grazia magazine, Hello Fashion, Vogue.  I love turning the pages of a magazine and photographing my favourite things that then influence what i buy and wear.



2.Your go to feel good piece in your wardrobe?

My Monagahans Cashmere cardi-coat.  Timeless luxury that is insanely comfortable and stylish,

my Rue de Femme black leather shirt dress that doubles up as a jacket (bought on divine.ie)

and my Valentino reversible rock-stud totes.

3.What inspired you to get into tv presenting ?

I love talking (laughs). I broke my teachers hearts (laughs) and now I’m being paid to talk. Result! I adore people, stories, news so broadcasting and journalism made sense for me as a career.  Every day is different and I get to dress up, so its all good.


4.Piece of advice for budding young television pesenters …

It is not all glamorous so be prepared to work hard.  If you are willing to work hard, be reliable, available and adaptable you will do well.

5.Favourite Piece on www.Divine.ie

The entire Dresses section.  Divine Boutique do Dresses very well.  I am a dresses girl. They are so easy to wear and so easy to style – basically its one piece and you are out the door. Once you establish the dress shapes that suit your body type best you should shop that style in all colours and prints. Mary you also choose fantastic labels. I’m loving My Timo at the moment….they are so different, stunning styles and beautiful prints and colours.  Currently my most recent purchase is the Catalina dress.  I also love anything green.  Green is my all time favourite colour – and every shade of green too 💚.

6.When did you come across Divine?

You contacted me when I was Hosting my own TV show Xpose on TV3 and offered to give me pieces to wear.  You knew exactly what i liked – basically everything you liked too 😆🥰 We have been besties ever since. 


Thanks so much for Sharing with us Lorraine.x