1.Where do you get your style inspiration from ?

Each season when designers show their collections in London, Paris and NY the
street style is incredible, it’s generally way out there but the colour combinations and
mix of styles are always inspiring. I also love vintage, looking back at old movies
and vintage collections, the V & A Museum in London has wonderful exhibitions. Or
closer to home the Chester Beatty, I have a passion for Japanese prints, the Edo in
colour exhibition was magic.


2. Your go to feel good piece in your wardrobe?

Cashmere jumper and well cut jeans, yes very boring, but its my day to day uniform.
I also invest in a good coat, preferably in a strong colour coat to brighten my winter

‘a new accessible luxury collection. It differs from the Caroline Kilkenny collection in that it is less formal, more ‘party-wear’ focus for the woman who isn’t afraid to brave bold colours and experiment with fashion’. 

3. What inspired you to get into design?

My mother was very stylish and like many women of her generation she made her
own clothes and ours, down to matching coats and hats, I still have the photos. So
we were always exposed to fashion and design growing up. Caroline went to study
fashion design first and it was such an exciting world I couldn’t wait to follow in her


4.Piece of advice for budding young designers  …

Get as much experience as you can, wear your own designs as much as possible.
Enjoy your time in college and let your creativity run wild.

5.Favourite Piece on www.Divine.ie

These are a few of  my current favs.




6.When did you come across Divine?

Instagram, Mary’s try on’s are excellent.


Thanks Nicola for chatting with us. x