Chatting with the beautiful model Sarah Morrissey.

Where do you get your style inspiration from ?

Mainly from work. Although I’ve always had a love affair with black. During my late teens going out to nightclubs, my friends would be  dressed in the lastest fashion and I’d rock up in a black slip dress and blazer, they’d just roll their eyes. But i swear I still have them clothes, I could wear them now 🤣

But work has made me want to incorporate colour more. Although I still like it simple and streamlined. 


Your go to feel good piece in your wardrobe?

My Electric Blue Scribe of London tailored suit. I got it made for my wedding but I’ve worn it so much since. I think there’s something really sexy about a masculine tailored suit on a woman.


What inspired you to get into modeling ?

I wasn’t inspired to get into it because I never knew anyone that ever Modelled before. I always presumed models came from London or somewhere exotic. And for someone like me, from the Liberties, it was just never on my radar. It was a random chance meeting and Literally the next week I was on a catwalk for John Rocha and fashion modelling is all I’ve ever done since. That was 16yrs ago. Thankfully I never had that chance to think about it, i think I’d have talked myself out of it 🤣.


Piece of advice for budding young models …

Get a good agency that makes you a priority. You need someone to back you and be in your corner. 

Always get advice from other experienced models. An Ecom  (Online) shoot is very different to a Magazine Editorial. Walking a show for Brown Thomas is again very different to walking a catwalk for a Bridal Designer. Ask these questions, ask them to show you and soak up the knowledge.


Favourite Piece on

Oh do you know what, it’s VERY hard to choose. I recently just did their show and I swear, every single piece I and the other models wore I absolutely fell in love with. But if I had to choose one it would be the Cazal Coloured Print Dress. If there was a dress for summer, this would be it. I also fell in love with the Gulia Riffle Maxi dress in Orange. 

When did you come across Divine?

I think I’ve been working with Divine Boutique and Mary since the very start of my modelling career, And I swear Mary hasn’t aged a day 🤣 

It’s incredible to think how successful the business has been for such a long time. And I’m sure that’s in no small part to Mary and the wonderful team she has but also having the foresight to know the upcoming trends and imprint that in her shop with incredible pieces that make you want to own every single one.

If you don’t already you should definiately check out Sarah’s Insta pg for everything from Style Inspo, keeping fit and of course Sadie’s style.

Thanks  Sarah x


Some more of the looks Sarah modelled at our SS 22 Instore fashion Show.