Where do you get your style inspiration from ?

Everywhere really. Love to people watch in Ireland but also abroad – used to write notes on style inspiration on holidays in Italy and France – like an oddball!! Pinterest is great too and before Pinterest I used to cut out pictures from magazines – my number one style crush was – and still is – Olivia Palermo. Have a box full of clippings of her – again odd!!


Your go to feel good piece in your wardrobe?

A blazer. I just feel it pulls so many looks together and it’s tailored and makes me feel good. Have too many but love them all!

What inspired you to get into influencing ?

To be honest – I never wanted to get into influencing – the word still doesn’t sit right with me. I never really wanted to get into social media either but sure here I am!

I worked in HR for years and then took a break from work for 5 years to spend time at home with my 3 kids. I always wanted to work in fashion so decided to train as a personal stylist and then I set up my Facebook page just to get clients. I used to pop up the headless selfies for content and to show my style in the hope of getting my first client. It went from there really. Had no master in plan and the word influencer didn’t exist in 2014 like it does now. I don’t overthink it all though – just try to keep the head down and do me and hope people like it and get tips and style advice.


Piece of advice for budding young influencers …

To stay true to yourself and to be consistent. Try not to compare yourself to others and find your niche and just do you. There is only one you.

Favourite Piece on www.Divine.ie

This dress is stunning!! The bow, the colour, the drama! Love it.



When did you come across Divine?

I remember this well actually! My friend Aisling asked me to go to a Divine Fashion Show in Al Vito’s restaurant in Leixlip back in 2013. It was a great night and I won best dressed which totally shocked me!! Cathy O’Connor was the host on the night and the style was gorgeous!


Thank you Yvonne for chatting with us.

If you do’t already follow Yvonne over on insta, then you’re missing out.  


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